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M1 (E26)



Name: BMW M1

Car: M1

Printnumber: 811300665

Date/Year of print: 1978

Number of pages: 8

Size: 297 x 210 mm

Language: Dutch

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Particularities: Black & White fold out pamphlet



Name: M1

Car: M1

Printnumber: 811300720

Date/Year of print: 1978

Number of pages: 32

Size: 378 x 300 mm

Language: English

Country of origin: International issue

Particularities: Ring binder brochure





Name: Z1

Car: Z1

Printnumber: 011120210

Date/Year of print: 1990

Number of pages: 20

Size: 285 x 340 mm

Language: German

Country of origin: Germany

Particularities: None


Z8 (E52)



Name: Untitled

Car: Z8

Printnumber: 011151830

Date/Year of print: 2000

Number of pages: 52

Size: 297 x 297 mm

Language: French

Country of origin: France

Particularities: None

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