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Zhi Xiang



Name: Zhi Xiang

Car: Zhi Xiang

Printnumber: None

Date/Year of print: 2008

Number of pages: 22

Size: 285 x 210 mm

Language: Chinese

Country of origin: Republic of China

Particularities: None





Name: Chana Max Speed

Car: SC5015XJH4, SC1031F1, SC1031D1, SC1031S, SC3041, SC1031D, SC1024CD12, SC5022XXY, SC1022BB23D, SC1022BB, SC5024CD12, SC1024CS11, SC1024CD12

Printnumber: None

Date/Year of print: 2010 (estimated)

Number of pages: 8

Size: 168 x 205 mm

Language: English

Country of origin: Sri Lanka

Particularities: Fold out pamphlet

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